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Sunday School

Sunday School

Sunday school at St. Paul's is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the Bible and Jesus' teachings for our lives, and this opportunity is available to all ages. Classes meet at 9:00am on Sunday mornings before our fellowship/ coffee time and worship. It is a great way to start the day and to fortify your faith.

Our K-3 class is learning with the Buzz curriculum by Group Publishing. "Buzz makes Sunday school fun for kids because they experience Bible truths in ways they enjoy and understand. Buzz is more than a written lesson-it's an interactive experience! The kids learn in whatever way fits their style-whether that's reading, acting, drawing, listening, singing, playing a game, and more. As kids dig into the Bible with creative activities, they soak up life-changing lessons that really stick. Plus, they build relationships with one another, watch for God with God Sightings, apply Bible truths to their daily lives, and even pray for each other! (adapted from the Group website)

Our 2-4 class is growing using the Hands-On curriculum by Group Publishing. "Hands-On Bible Curriculum uses unique games, snacks and crafts to help kids learn about God, because kids retain more by interacting with a lesson instead of just hearing it, which is why Jesus used everyday things to teach important truths. Discovering the Bible is a fun, hands-on experience that gets kids excited about coming to Sunday school. Each lesson contains one Bible Point based on a specific Bible verse. Unlike typical Sunday school lessons, the kids' imaginations are fired up and they discover God's love in incredible, tangible ways! (adapted from Group's website)

Our middle school class (grades 6-8) meets with the pastor to discuss actual life and world events and experiences and discover what the Bible has to say to us about them. This class is all about putting the Bible into practical practice in the lives of the youth, and helping them to understand how God and God's Word factors into their lives. The class utilizes multi-media, including videos, PowerPoint and answer buzzers to make the experience fun and engaging.

Our adult class is led by lay ministry leader, Ron Jesse.


Sunday School (Sep - May) Check Calendar for dates. 9:00 AM
Fellowship Time 9:45 AM
Worship Service 10:15 AM



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