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01/07/2018Rev. Dr. Diane Carter A God Who Gets It
Matthew 2:13-16
Does it ever seem odd that God allowed Jesus, God's own Son, to experience so much difficulty in his life? The truth is, it wasn't odd, it was intentional. Jesus experienced challenges in life so we could trust him when we experience tough times in our own lives.
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12/31/2017Rev. Dr. Diane Carter Reconnecting Our Roots
Luke 2:21-24
This is the time of year when the cut Christmas trees begin withering because they have been cut off from their roots, the source of life. In the same way, we cut ourselves off from God when we turn away from and refuse to fully rely on God. God is our source of life, so we need to reconnect our roots in God.
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12/24/2017Rev. Dr. Diane Carter Love Was Born
John 3:1-17
We celebrate Jesus' birth on Christmas, but the baby in the manger was not all that was born that night. Love was also born, in our world and, as we're willing to accept it, in our hearts.
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12/17/2017Rev. Dr. Diane Carter God's Love as Guidance
Isaiah 55:6-12
Salvation may be the greatest gift God's love has given us. Unfortunately, we often think of it as a one-time event, rather than a way of life. God's salvation will not only make Heaven possible someday, it will make a heavenly life possible today.
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12/03/2017Rev. Dr. Diane Carter God's Love is Protection
Daniel 3:19-28
There are plenty of dangers in our lives and in our world, physical, emotional and spiritual. We don't need to be afraid, however, because God has promised to always be with us and protect us. God's protection is one of the ways God demonstrates love for us.
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11/26/2017Rev. Dr. Diane Carter What Happened
Isaiah 9:1-7
We think we know light from darkness, but, in truth, it's easy for our eyes to adapt and perceive some darkness as relative light. This is true in our spiritual lives as well, but once we're aware of the darkness, we can seek the True Light, which is Jesus.
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